The Reineke Group

Members of the Reineke Group specialize in the synthetic chemical design, molecular characterization, and biological study of novel macromolecules.

Materials chemistry is making a tremendous impact on modern medicine and biological research. We are interested in: 1) the development of novel polymers for the cellular delivery of RNA and DNA for research and therapeutic applications, 2) the design of new polymer micelles and excipients for chemotherapeutic, imaging agent, and active ingredients delivery, 3) “theranostic” agents that combine the ability to perform therapeutic delivery and diagnostic imaging in one package.

Studies in these areas are centered both on understanding the fundamental mechanisms involved in biomaterial function and applied clinical use of our compounds for advanced diagnostic and treatment strategies. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and students in the Reineke lab routinely receive training in several areas of chemistry, biology, and medicine.

We gratefully acknowledge support of our work by the following sources:

NIH Director’s New Innovator Award Program, NIGMS Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Dow National Science Foundation DMR
U of MN IPRIME NSF MRSEC NSF Center for Sustainable Polymers